«Entry or exit depends on the point of view.»

Why is this written in English?

Three of us do the new apprenticeship called Informatiker Applikationsentwicklung International and one of us comes from South Korea.

What is Ciao?

Ciao comes from the italian language and it means "Hello" and "Bye" as well, like the software Ciao. If an apprentice starts his apprenticship at Roche, this software will support him to learn all the rules he needs to know for the beginning. Whenever one of apprentices leaves Roche, he will use this software as well.


Our assignment was to digitalize the entry procedure and the exit procedure. It should be possible, that trainers can create tasks and add these to a plan. This plan should be automatically assigned to an apprentice once he used our software. The apprentice can now work through the plan and download the related documents. A trainer checks the tasks which are done by apprentice whether it's correctly done. And he can either confirm a task as done or reject a task.
If an apprentice leaves Roche, this software will support you during that procedure. The apprentice will receive tasks like "You need to hand back your badge".
Since now everything was managed on paper and you need to change every time the room. Ciao brings a userfriendly interface


With all the accumulated effort invested in Ciao we believe that the practice of apprentice intakes shows itself in a much better and more adaptable shape which we are proud of.
The pleasant user interface of Ciao now allows a trainer to create and manage plans in a very comfortable ease, even the tracking of an apprentice’s status and confirmation is now simplified in various ways.
A major obstacle of the final release project Ciao was combining and merging the two solutions Addio & Ciao which in our opinion was one of the most important procedures during the development process and unfortunately caused some difficulties and problems.
Due to the language varieties in our team, the team was missing in communication but in consideration of our motivation and our will to be part of an International project we managed to make big improvements in exchange and communication.